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May 17, 2016
Jesus Is Safe
October 3, 2016

His Whistle is Louder

This morning we said good-bye to our sweet little dog Jack as he passed away in our arms. Jack was a good friend, and fond of kisses which earned him the nick-name “Mr. Licky.” He was all too proud of his hunting prowess- often romping back to the house with a dirt covered nose and a mole or mouse he’d wrangled up from the yard. Though he was little guy, he was fearless and had many a stand-off with groundhogs twice his size- never backing down. He loved to frolic in our farm fields and nip at the cows’ heals- probably just because he enjoyed watching them scatter as he ran full-speed into the midst of the herd. He was a good snuggler, and his favorite spot was nestled in Doug’s lap.

When we told Gracie that Jack died this morning, Doug said this:

Jack passed away this morning and we are very sad. We will miss him. One of the reasons why we are so sad is because he was such a gift to us. Gracie, before you were born, there was a terrible storm in Biloxi, Mississippi. And God called Mama and I to go there and help the people who lost everything to rebuild their homes. When we were living down there, God gave us two wonderful gifts. Jack was one of them. All these years he has been a constant reminder of that wonderful time in our lives when we were serving the Lord. I’m especially sad because Jack was my friend there when Mama had to go home from Biloxi and I stayed behind to keep helping. Having Jack has just been a sweet reminder of that time that was so special in our lives. But you know, Gracie, the Lord gave us a second and even better gift from Biloxi— and that was you. We are so thankful for how God has blessed our lives with you. I’m sorry if I have been grumpy and short with you this week. It was because we knew that Jack was sick, and that’s hard. We knew the Lord was going to call him home. You know, I can whistle pretty loud to call our dogs home… and when I whistle our dogs come bounding back home to us with joy…  I can whistle pretty loud… but His whistle is louder….

In His hands are the souls of every living thing. (Job 11:40)