Lady Margaret of Shannondale

Lord, When Did We?
July 9, 2018

Lady Margaret of Shannondale

Last night we said “goodbye” to Margi, (also known as Lady Margaret of Shannondale) the last pup left from our original pack of four. She was a regal Chesapeake Bay Retriever with an enthusiastic and passionate heart. Of all the dogs, she was the most loyal and did everything with passion— running, fetching, eating, cuddling. She even slept and snored with enthusiasm!  To our sweet Margi:

Lady Margaret of Shannondale

Lady Margaret of Shannondale had an athlete’s heart to run.

She swam and fetched, jumped and caught and pounced ‘till day was done.

Lady Margaret had an incredible nose that never did her wrong,

Chasing Chickens and ducks, sticks and rocks, and old tennis balls all day long.

Margaret was chipper and cheery and always ready to run,

Through the forests and hills and frolic fields with the up and down of the sun.

Lady Margaret was loyal, and loved to cuddle,

She leaned in tight and ready to snooze and snuggle, with whoever would join her in the dog-pile huddle.

She was never stingy with her kisses and showered her licks on anyone who would be kissed.

Oh, dear Lady Margaret of Shannondale,

You will be deeply missed.

Last night as Doug sat on the back porch he saw a flock of ten ducks race across the sky. He knew God had winked at him… because he saw in his heart, Margi fast on their tails chasing them through those heavenly skies.