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August 10, 2014
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October 9, 2014

Songs of Grace

This summer was full of adventure, wonder and magic. Among the many creative moments we had, Gracie came to me one morning and said “Mama, I want to write some songs and sing them. I will sing them and you record them.” So she would sing and I would write. She wrote three songs that morning. My personal favorite of them is called: “Halleluiah! Halleluiah!”

I usually spend time in commentary on the how I see my life with Grace reflecting the Lord and the “life with grace” He has given us, but today I am going to let these Songs of Grace stand alone and ask that you tell me what you see in them and how they touch your soul….

Lovers of Jesus

Lovers of Jesus, we love you so

You are our favorite- God you are our loving soul

It’s the battle of God,

He stands for the throne.

Be strong in the Lord,

Love Him, Lovers of Jesus.

God, you are our favorite!

We have our fun-ness with God,

We have fun with God!

Lovers of Jesus, Love Him.


We Are God’s Children

We are God’s children

We are His love

We will be His children in the world

We get to be beautiful

Sometimes we are naughty and we don’t feel beautiful

So we just have to think about Jesus Christ the Lord.


Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

God is the Lover, God is the Lover, God is the Lover,

We love Him so, now.

God is the Lover, God is the Lover, God is the Lover.

We can get to God

He is very humble and         He is gentle,    He is Humble and He is gentle.

God will help us, God will help us, God will help us,

For His love will show on the ways of the faithful

For God,       He’s our King       A love to shine above,              Sing Halleluiah!

Now there is just what I need best-  Halleluiah!