As a father of three daughters and as a grandfather for four boys and five girls, I have loved reading your accounts of living with Grace. Our Heavenly Father wants all of us to come to him as a child (Matthew 18:3) and your vignettes illustrate that so well. I look forward to reading many more!

Bob Loker

Father, Grandfather

After our annual Ladies’ Tea, I’ve received so much feedback about the seminar A Romans 8:28 Life- it deeply edified and personally inspired everyone in the room!!! Thank you!

Tamara Tyler

President, Mt Calvary Guild

Monica is a sensitive spiritual sleuth discovering God in ordinary places and events and sharing those sparkling insights with her blog readers and audiences. We can’t help but smile and nod, laugh and learn with Gracie, shed a tear on occasion, and be challenged to grow closer to God.

Leona Choy

Golden Morning Publishing

Life with Grace is so refreshing to read… It’s easy to forget that God is with us in everything, from huge life decisions to small moments that remind us of His truths— but Life with Grace puts His presence very eloquently into words. Monica Gill is a great writer, and her subject, an incredible 2-year-old girl, gives us all a lot to think about. I’m not a mother and don’t plan to be one any time soon, but I still see God reflected in powerful ways for my life through Life with Grace. I’m spending a year volunteering in Nicaragua right now, and I regularly read LWG to help keep me invigorated in my walk with God so I can keep faithfully serving Him here.

Steph Barnette

Manna Project International, Nicaragua

Reading Life with Grace is one of the most touching and realistic accounts of parenting and relationship building with Christ full of in depth insight. If you are touched by the readings, you will be lead even further by Monica’s wisdom.

Steve Schultz

Christ follower; Life with Grace reader

I met Monica over a year ago when she expressed a desire for an editor. I was only too happy to volunteer my editorial services. At the time I felt fortunate that Golaughing fund had brought us together so that I could help her, instead I’ve found that she has helped me with her insightful writings. When Monica spoke at our church I was blown away by her poise and the God-sent message she brought to the congregation. Monica is being used by God to teach us all valuable lessons about life and His love for us. I’m so excited that she’s taking her ministry to the next level.

Marjorie Bucknor

wife and mother of three